Upcoming 5th record
So here it is, the upcoming album is going to be called "RISE TO THE MOUNTAINS!" It is shaping up to be an epic journey (almost conceptual) as it is yet to be completely unraveled. With some nice twists and turns to be expected from the band. With the add of Jimmy, we will bring the Rock, Blues, Country sounds into a swirl!!! Be prepared things are getting vintage and traditional.

2015 is bringing a new record this Summer and European Touring in Sept + more. Check Show Calendar to see if were going to be in your area.


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One More Little One

Here it is, from the 2013 release "If it Ain't Broke" the first track "One More Little One"! We shot most all of the footage on our 2013 European Tour with a GoPro camera. New angles were shot every night or worn by different people and passed around...Together, It all makes for a fun look into tour life and portrays the schedule of perpetual Saturday night parties. Thanks Manny, Carmen, Sandro, Porkrib, Galys, and all the others that helped us film this thing and all of those who supported us along the way! ENJOY!


new music

Cry for the Bad Man

Over the last few years, folks have been asking for Hogjaw to cover a Lynryrd Skynyrd song. As a band, we have jammed many of those tunes having fun and trying to see which one of the many seemed to work best for us. We chose "Cry for the Bad Man" because it is a more obscure and different song than what is typically played - and it lends itself well to our style.



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The roller coaster ride that is being in a successful rock and roll band never ends. Hogjaw is about to take its fourth ride with its upcoming release, “IF IT AIN’T BROKE…” which has be released this summer on June 18th, 2013. Expect the album to be just that - short for, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which is the philosophy members JB Jones (Guitar/vox), Elvis D (Bass), Kreg (Lead Guitar) and Kwall (Drums/Vox) have taken on. Don’t try to change who you are!!! And expect the unexpected…

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